Yoga practice with Nancy is wonderfully relaxing. As I grow older, I’m more careful, and Nancy’s gentle ways help me avoid overdoing it.



I love the way Nancy organized her Restorative Yoga book into sections that explain exactly what props are needed for each
pose, the suggested time frame to practice each pose and the mental and physical benefits that can be achieved by practicing
with her thorough and gentle guidance. Thank you, Nancy, for all of your efforts to create this wonderful book!

– Barb A.


Whether you are experienced at restorative yoga or a novice, or if you have never practiced yoga at all, Nancy Long’s book, Restorative Yoga, is a wonderful guide to the practice of restorative yoga. I have been practicing yoga for 17 years and I am constantly looking for new material and books to deepen my practice. Nancy’s book and the oral version on CD have given me new poses for my practice of restorative yoga which benefit not only my physical being, but my spiritual being as well. I highly recommend this book and CD for anyone interested in calming the mind and body.

Tina Biderman