It SImply is…


Make everything in you an ear,

each atom of your being,
and you will hear at every moment
what the Source is whispering to you,
just to you and for you,
without any need for my words or anyone else’s.

You are– we all are– the beloved of the Beloved,
and in every moment,
in every event of your life,
the Beloved is whispering to you
exactly what you need to hear and know.

Who can ever explain this miracle?
It simply is.
Listen and you will discover it every passing moment…

In Yoga Nidra we practice the art of blissful relaxation. Last month, I chose this Rumi poem to begin the meditation. Rumi has the amazing gift of reaching over centuries of time and mountains of cultural differences to touch me with the perfect word or idea. Exactly what I need to hear or know.

Yoga Nidra offers the gifts of deep relaxation and profound inquiry. As the body/mind softens and releases tension, effort, thoughts, emotions and images, the practice begins its magic. Travelling inward this journey explores the inner realms of consciousness.

Peeling back layers of habits and thought patterns, moving through emotions and deeply held beliefs, we settle into that sacred space, the spiritual heart. From the vast inner place we find comfort, healing, nourishment, joy, acceptance, loving kindness and compassion.

This is where you connect with that eternal being ~ who you really are. From here you know, without knowing, exactly what you need to know as each moment of life unfolds.